Thursday, February 3, 2011

Really good restaurants in Seattle from someone who isn't trying to sell you stuff

Here are some local favorites that you'll probably like, if you don't like food that's bad. Most are pretty affordable, and all are place I either regular go or go back to when I go out. In no particular order:

1:Rancho Bravo on Capitol Hill

2:Cafe Vivace on Capitol Hill

3:The Honey Hole on Capitol Hill

4:Ruby in the U-District

5:Aladdin's Gyros, U-District

6: Tahn Brothers Pho, U-District

7: Bengal Tiger, Roosevelt

8: Cafe Bastille Ballard

9: Roxy's Fremont

10: Brouwer's Fremont

11: New Orleans Creole Restaurant, Pioneer Square

12: Cafe Umbria, Pioneer Square

13: Wild Mountain Cafe, Crown Hill/Ballard

14:Mee Sum Pastry, Chinese Pastries, Pike Place Market

15: Le Panier, pastries and coffee, Pike Place Market

16: Thaiger Room, U-District. Good Thai food. Thai Tom's is rated better, but this is very good as well, and has better seating.

17:Gabriel's Fire, Crown Hill. Barbecue joint, almost makes it as good as places in the South, which is saying something.

18: Cafe Besalu, Ballard. Best and most authentic French Pastries in Seattle.

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