Sunday, February 6, 2011

Business in America and government: false teleologies

So funny to hear the Republicans constantly complaining about regulations hampering business hurting the country. The country, this country, is made up of people, of citizens, who are going about living their lives. Business is a secondary phenomenon, which should be located under the general lives of people in terms of importance. Saying that x powers society and that, therefore, it should have primacy in society is false logically in that x is not discrete and on its own but enmeshed in society and not different from it. You have to analyze society as a whole to determine what is important and what's not, not just pick out one institution and declare that it's prime because you think it appears important. People could just as easily argue, fundamentally, that the State is the primary motor of society, or that the Family is. The fact is that in isolating business from the context it exists in people ignore the greater impact that business, especially unregulated business has on society as a whole.

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