Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Man, in the Fremont neighborhood up here

We have what I think could be a conspiracy theorist's worst nightmare: a Lenin statue (from Bulgaria) that....wait for in front of a building with a large mural for the Masons. Masonic-Bolshevik conspiracies....they're playing both sides.

I shouldn't get off on a rant here, at least not yet. However, I do have to say that I treasure my copy of "Diogenes Lamp", by Adam Weishaupt himself. This book, not that rare, was recently put out by the Masonic Book Club, and is a poorly done reprint of an English edition that was most likely published a very long time ago. Note to the person running the book club: having a whole book in Italic type does little to help the reader's eyes.

In "Diogenes Lamp", Weishaupt comes off as being very cranky...but some of the the spirit of the old conspirator, who Thomas Jefferson called, I believe, an "Enlightened Philanthropist", shines through nonetheless.

Fear me, for I have a link to the Illuminati!

*oh, and just in case you're curious "Diogenes Lamp" is a large treatise analyzing society in the vein of Enlightenment political, natural, and social philosophy, but is one of his last works, and is not a summation or a magnum opus by any means.

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