Saturday, February 12, 2011

Went to Blick Art supplies on Capitol Hill, feel like a traitor,

The Blick store across from Seattle Central Community College is one of those places that's seductive, yet you know you shouldn't be going there. Why? Because their goal is to put Utrecht, Artist and Craftsman, and possibly Daniel Smith out of business. I like all three, although I mostly go to either Artist and Craftsman in the U-District or go down to the huge Daniel Smith store/factory in SoDo.

My art focusses on three broad mediums: stone sculpture, copper and zinc etchings, and drawings. Occasionally collage, although that's kind of been cheapened since everyone and his brother now does collage. I like reductive sculpting through stone, getting in there with a chisel, hammer, a piece of marble, and a model to work from....meaning another sculpture, usually made out of clay or taken from that, rather than a live model. Also have done bronzes sometime from clay.

Mostly, though, when I get art supplies they relate either to printmaking or to drawing, or to miscellaneous productions, because the stone tools and the stone itself are all very specialized, with their own suppliers.

But, in any case with the art supply stores, maybe Blick will turn out to have better products, I'm not sure, but I think I'll stick to the places I already go to.


Who knows, maybe in time I'll post some pictures of some of my artwork here?

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