Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's always strange realizing that there are normal people in the alternative place that you've moved

A lot of my experience out here in the Pacific Northwest has involved unlearning some of the hype and self created illusions that I brought with me when I moved here. I had no idea, but through the four years of completely alternative living, off the board, in Florida that I'd gone through I was already further along on the path to weirdness than many of the folks who already lived in the Pacific Northwest. Strange. My idea was that Washington was going to be the next level, the next stage of strangeness and mind bending radicalism....and in many ways it has been that, but not in the same intense, all encompassing, way that I imagined. Like any other place there's a lot of variation, with many folks being not as hippyish and crazy as others.

Along the way this has lead to some confusion between myself and others. I can picture myself as a kind of castaway from a far off land, going to the Northwest after wandering through the deserts of Texas and the Southwest, on and on, encountering people and being met with kind of blank stares."Umm....that's great and all...hey George, how are the Sounders doing?"

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