Saturday, April 16, 2011

Snoose Junction, one of the best Pizzas in Seattle

Here. It's in Ballard on Market Street, hidden and inconspicuous, yet it has one of the best pizzas in town. A combination of hippy and traditional pizza, my experience with Snoose is that the quality of pizza is spectacular and sets it apart from the competition. Other places might be Vera certified, might try to be completely traditional, but with much less pretention Snoose delivers the goods. And it's also eco-friendly and has Jones soda on tap as its default soda option. And this is not a paid advertisement.

Another pizza place that's somewhat in the same vein but a cut below in quality is the Zeeks local chain, where you can get basically whatever exotic combinations of ingredients you want. More hippy than traditional.

I consider there to be three basic kinds of pizza out here: hippy, traditional, and California, with the rare example of Chicago deep dish and related styles breaking the trend. Hippy is fun non-traditional combinations while California pizza is non-traditional combinations that try to be sophisticated. Sometimes it works and is spectacular, sometimes it doesn't, which is true of much California nuevo cuisine. Traditional in this sense means both east coast and Italian.

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